20 Minute | HIIT | Workout | The RapidFit 'Alcatraz' Workout

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RapidFit exercises are established and led by a previous Royal Marines Commando.

A 20 minute HIIT exercise – plus heat up and cool down.

This is a full body exercise workout that will burn fat and consume A LOT of calories.

< map wp-tag-video js youtube="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMEoyKAW5_Y"/ wp-end-tag > RapidFit is perfect for a house or on the road workout as no devices is required.

Live Stream.

Cardio and strength training is included into all exercises to assist increase physical fitness levels.

RapidFit individuals informed us that our exercises helped keep their psychological health throughout lockdown.

CAUTION – hardcore and ruthless are both words that are normally utilized to explain RapidFit!!!

We also supply totally complimentary training programmes, dietary ideas and online coaching and assistance at:


And in our Facebook Group, search – Project RapidFit


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