20 Minute | HIIT | Workout | The RapidFit 'Alcatraz' Workout

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Cardio and strength training is integrated into all workouts to help maximise physical fitness levels.

RapidFit individuals told us that our exercises assisted keep their psychological health throughout lockdown.

< map wp-tag-video js youtube="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMEoyKAW5_Y"/ wp-end-tag > RapidFit is best for a home or on the roadway workout as no gadgets is required.

A 20 minute HIIT exercise – plus warm up and cool down.

Live Stream.

This is a total body exercise workout that will burn fat and consume A LOT of calories.

RapidFit exercises are created and led by a previous Royal Marines Commando.

CAUTION – hardcore and ruthless are both words that are frequently used to describe RapidFit!!!

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