Blood Sugar Wrecked if You Don’t Move

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Lets dive into some information about an impressive set of research study studies concerning blood glucose control and muscle.

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  • Awesome reminder to keep my butt moving. We’re in the hardest part of winter here in Wisconsin (although thanks to climate change this year hasn’t been all that bad), and walks are super hard to do at night. I’ll throw on a 10 min hiit in the evening to stop the stagnation

  • This is a great video. I don’t know what it is in the lowish carb communities but aerobic exercise is so often not regarded as a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle, but there is SO much research on the (1) long term outcomes (2) mitochondrial function (3) mitochondrial biogenesis (4) AMPK activation associated with various frequencies, magnitudes, and dose of submaximal aerobic exercise. Resistance exercise doesn’t have nearly the same effect on these 4 factors. It’s still great but the differential mechanisms should be understood when developing an exercise protocol. For those curious, the research suggests 50 min sessions performed 3x a week at 55-65% Vo2 max improved mitochondrial function and reversed insulin resistance in MANY MANY studies. Optimal dose seems to be 90 min sessions, optimal frequency seems to be 4x/week, optimal magnitude seems to be closer to 65% Vo2 Max.

  • BTW, Mike, I was listening to Peter Attia’s pocast, with guest, Inigo San Millan. Apparently the deal with exercise and skeletal muscle contraction is that the glut4 transporters are activated in the absence of insulin. Therefore, you need less insulin when skeletal muscles are contracting or have been contracted.

  • Lessening glucose uptake in an immobilized limb is just an indication that the muscles of that limb don’t need glucose because there’s no muscle contractions. It doesn’t imply massive metabolic disruption like you simply.

  • Hey Mike loving this !🙏👍
    Going into my 4th day of fasting,hopefully making it to 5 ,talking about mushrooms I’ve got beef and mushrooms on my break-fast menu! 😀 Been doing slow resistance workout on legs in particular and walks. The more fasting I do the easier all this gets !

  • This really speaks to me. I’ve been unable to exercise for a long time, I gave up gluten 4months ago, and my body has just stopped spasming, and bizarrely I am much more able to exercise. I started jogging a few days ago. very out-of-shape. really enjoying it. enjoyed the pep talk!! thanks.

  • I tore my calf muscle in Tabata on 2/1 and not being able to hike or walk is killing me. Don’t even get me started on brain health. Cardio makes you happy. I’m grateful for weights. Exercise is a wonderful privilege and it’s sad some folks don’t find the fun it brings.

  • Last few weeks, I have been really good with health, Probably too little. My sugars wont come down.
    I came to the conclusion I need to get active.
    Many years ago at the Gym, I had to stop taking my Insulin. So Yup, I am going to have to move.

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