How I Get Energy To Hustle Everyday

Health & Fitness

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  • Raiken, you Dog! Here I thought I was the only reselling hustler out there who was into vegetable juicing. I went through a few juicers as well before I ended up with the same model you’ve got (it’s the NC800/900 by the way). Best juicer out there, hands down! So important to take care of yourself and consistently feel good day to day. I’m enjoying your videos, keep it up.

  • My parents gave me a Vitamix blender about 7 years ago and its still going strong today! Use it for my shakes every day ๐Ÿ™‚ I should definitely try the juicing though. Thanks, Steve!

  • America is so out of shape and lazy. It’s so refreshing, as a juicer myself to see you come off topic and address this subject. You don’t know how many lives you may turn around by sharing this. I’m an even bigger fan today. Two big thumbs up!

  • Steve, you hit the nail on the head. Health really is everything. No one knows that better then me 5+ years ago I was depressed 150 over weight and bedridden with a bad back. I had no quality of life. Fast forward to now. I beat depression lost 150 pounds and had back surgery. Now I’m ready to live my life and get back into Kayaking and gardening. Your videos help me to stay motivated. ๐Ÿ˜€

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