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  • Thanks for putting out these videos man! I just started my plumbing/heating/hvac channel and your channel really helps with the ac stuff as that’s my weakest area and I’m still finishing up my formal training in that (on delay) still greatful to be learning from your videos

  • Of course it’s normal to freak out during a time like this when we start to feel sick. Just remember that we’re still in the middle of cold & flu season, and now allergy season. I remember early on, like around November or so, that they were predicting a nastier than usual flu season (way before covid-19 was even known). And expect worse allergies too from all the rain we’ve been getting. I myself just got over the death flu as I called it, not sure what it was but it ruined me last week. I had a 103 fever for 4 days straight, but no cough, sore throat or anything like that. Though breathing kinda hurt. I lost 2 days of work because of it. Last week they sent an employee home because he had allergies. It’s freakin crazy right now. Like you and everybody else, I hope this madness ends soon.

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