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  • Very informative video. My company started using pressed fittings for A/C work (Rothenberger brand). We used it dozens of times, and I do agree with Chris on this about following the manufacturer instructions regarding cutting, reaming, cleaning, using the templates and marking. At first we were kind of hit and miss. For the first 10 connections we made 5 failed, but after we got used to following the proper procedures the second 10 connections had 1 failure, and after that we took the care to properly prepare the pipe and mark it out and we haven’t had one fail so far after that initial learning period. We used them on big install jobs, so all the copper pipe was brand new. These types of fittings definitely do have their advantages:

    Not requiring a hot work permit.

    Junior staff can quickly learn how to use it, even though welding is still a skill that needs to be acquired.

    Can work in confined spaces without risking asphyxiation.

    It has its disadvantages though:

    The system is heavy and bulky, difficult to work in tight spaces. (no risk of passing out compared to welding)

    Cost and exclusivity, very expensive to get a set, and you can only use the jaws and fittings of one manufacturer.

    All in all a good tool to have in your arsenal, because you can bid for government/ sensitive areas (hospitals, sewage plants, etc…) best suited to a medium to large company as you could justify the cost.

    Hope this helps.

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