Live: Day 5 Of Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial In The Senate | NBC News

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Live: Donald Trump Impeachment Trial In Senate|NBC News

View live security of previous President Donald Trumps impeachment trial as the Senate considers whether he can be held accountable for the Capitol riots.


  • Another failed attempt lol did you guys see the collage of unruly dems contesting the 2016 election certification? Too funny. how do you guys feel about the doctoring of evidence? You guys try to move the goal post every chance you get. Trump 2024!!!

  • And once again your politicians have wasted all of your time and tax dollars. And oh by the way Democrats, since you control all three branches of the government now what have they done to make things better when they have the power to do anything they want? How has your life gotten better?

  • I’m no Democrat no more than I am a Republican. This division in 2 political sides is just a game played by the medias and politicians who have a vested interest in making people hate one another while politicians are working with the fundraisers behind our back. Division has never been so high in the US and abroad. Trump, clap clap clap, Biden, Booo boooo. For Democrats, same thing, just the opposite. It’s all a game and you are being taken advantage of, my friends. Yesterday, you heard a story about impeaching Trump. Today, you hear Trump is not impeached. Tomorrow, they’re talking of Impeaching Kamala Harris. It never stops. The stories change but the rule is the same. They get you addicted. Get you revolted. Get you emotional. Get you angry. Get you divided. In the end, it’s all about controlling your life. Taking over your entire life. People become the shadows of themselves, wandering about without purpose, obsessed with things that don’t even matter to them

    You’ve been lied to by all these people, medias, politicians, “alternative” news, attention seekers who all want something from you in one form or another (votes, money, publicity, control, support…). It’s time to reclaim your life. I hope someday, something happens and you all start waking up from this illusion they created and dragged you into to control your life. They control the narrative by editing the news so you see it their way and then they tell you the other side is evil, give you the arguments for, same thing happens on both sides, and Twitter and YT are like the cages where you can go to release all your rage, that’s where all the fights happen while they’re sitting back watching the show and eating pop corn. Look on your right. What do you see? You see a list of videos with sensationalist headlines to attract your attention and most people will likely click on it, see what it’s all about, and without noticing it will be part of that phony game that will drag them down the rabbit hole until they can’t find their way back. Life is more than that. You can thank the algorithms used by those websites who will give you similar videos to those you already watched and in no time you will lose yourself. Biased medias, politicians and algorithms are the enemy of the people. They don’t want your own good.

    Something that helped me a lot step out of this illusion was to rise above. Imagine you’re an astronaut, you’re in space and you watch the earth below and see how small that planet is, how the whole game is rigged, see all the ants we are, and the bigger ants who look like tiny dots who try to control everything they can, from money to people’s attention without people’s full knowledge, but you can now see this is all just a game because you’re outside. You’re not inside anymore. You see people being fooled, being played by the attention’s seekers, how they’re being manipulated, how meaningless this whole game they’re playing is. And now you realize your place in the universe is not defined by these people, your life is not defined by their political stories and quarrels, your life is not defined by their lies. You can exist without them. Just relax, breathe, and forget everything about them like they don’t exist anymore, just live your life. These people don’t deserve your attention. You shouldn’t waste one minute on them. Your life will stop one day. Mine too. They don’t care. They won’t notice you when you’re gone. They won’t notice me either. Those who care about these politicians, medias and other “celebrities” can tell you so much about their stories, about their life and careers even though they never met them in person, they’ve learned everything about them, they talked about them, they argued about them, these people have been the centre of their worlds, they’ve been in every conversation, constantly on the news, you couldn’t spend one day without hearing about them, you know them like family, you may hate them or love them, but you feel something about them and you don’t even ask yourself why you’re spending so many hours a day looking for them, fighting for them, thinking about them, but saddly, the same people will barely remember the stories about those closest to them, like their relatives who will go unoticed when they die. Why would you care about these people. Why would you spend so much time on these people. Put your mind at peace. Be worry free. Focus on what matters to you. Live without thinking about these thieves who steal your attention away every single day. Don’t give them what they want. They will only make your life miserable. That’s all they can give you. They can only give you the fear, the hatred, the division, the radicalization and the lies while stealing your time, your life and your spirit, your most valuable resources. Don’t let them. They don’t matter. Refocus your priorities

  • If it does not happen in a court, it is not a trial. No judge, no trial. It is a principle of jury trials to have jurors hailing from different jurisdictions to erase bias. I can’t think of one instance of jury selection that resulted in a bench full co-workers. Ridiculous! This was just debate teams having fun.

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