• hello friend….I saw your chip which is of 9:45 min of ethical hacking on youtube….and I want to install kali Linux safely on my laptop….please tell me… My laptop’s RAM is only 2GB so I want to install it….please help me…and no dought your clips are helpful …best of luck

  • Hello Jerry. I sent you a message trough Upwork. We had a contract but since it’s inactive it started to affect my score on the site. Could you please finish the contract and leave me the feedback for the job that was done? Thanks in advance! I hope you’re well.

  • Hey Jerry I have a question i hope you could answer. Previously you explained how you quit gaming and you realised being too busy all the time isnt healthy, my question is how come you quit gaming when it paid you better and grew your channel and instead carry on with your newer content and not vice versa?

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