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< map wp-tag-video js youtube=""/ wp-end-tag > Dr Khaled Sadek live chat on medical health subjects. Then please ask him in the remarks area and he will address them, if you want to talk about guys health or womens health subjects


  • I may be alone in this opinion but please limit the lipoma videos …
    It’s the one of the reason I dropped Dr. Sandra Lee in favor of you.
    Keep it the great work 😉

  • Id like to more about amyloid or amyloidius, i have it in my lungs but no one will explain it to me and they all tell me not to look it up online, ok so where can i get the i fo i need to learn about what they think i have

  • I have osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease. It ended my career. 😪 Now I have trouble doing my ministry service. Although, I know Jehovah God accepts whatever a person can give🙏🏼 no matter how little Da-shaky-Sugama can offer! I ALWAYS enjoy your chats.
    You’re the BEST. 🤴😘🥰

  • Missed you, we’ve had to evacuate our home because of the fires. Sunny California the whole coast is on fire. Right now there’s 29 big out of control fires. When we were told to evacuate the fire was about 15 miles away from us. We packed up everything that is important, papers, clothes for 5 days, pictures and albums.ect. please pray and I f you don’t mind ask everyone for prayers. This fires are supposed to be the worse fire of all the time. What is with 2020 if something is supposed to happen it has. I don’t think anyone will forget 2020.

  • I’ve just watched the VGC and of course I have a few things to say:
    1- It’s the first time I hear about RA and I felt like in a classroom, with an amazing professor;
    2- Believe it or not, you helped a me a lot in my studies of Interior Design. Knowing about the disabilities caused by RA and the need of special projects to attend people who suffer from it is very important and I’ll pay more attention if I have to draw something for an individual in this condition, thanks!
    3- A curiosity now: I’ve seen some videos and articles on the use of Vick Vaporub – a) if rubbed in the belly region and then wrapped with a plastic wrap, it can reduce measures and b) put in fungal toenails can help in the treatment of it. If possible, I’d like to know your opinion on these topics and if they are myths or truth ( if Vick can really help in burning the fat, it would be great, once we could avoid going to the gym during this pandemic and some people who promise liposuction for a cheaper price but actually could put the lives of those clients at risk), thanks!
    4- If I were in London and went to your clinic, would you remove a small cerebriform nevus I have in my head? It doesn’t bother me and it became smaller with time, but everytime I went to a hairdresser they screamed. 🙂 I thought about getting it removed when younger, I knew it would be simple but at the end, it stood – it seems like something genetic, my dad has one in the same place and the same format as me and my brother has one in the same place, but it’s bigger and darker ( also hairy). It doesn’t hurt but they cannot have a very short haircut without exposing that ( in my case, it’s hidden because I have a lion hair).
    5- I agree with another viewers, your haircut is great!

  • So sorry I missed the live clinic but thank you so much for the very valuable information for osteo vs. rheumatoid. You gave me and my sister more info than our own doctor did, and so clearly defined and easy to understand. I don’t have any questions but wanted to let you know how much appreciate what you do and how much I enjoy your cyst/lipoma drama! 😊

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