Watch: Day 1 of Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial In Senate | NBC News

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< map wp-tag-video js youtube =""/ wp-end-tag > See live protection of previous President Donald Trumps impeachment trial as the Senate thinks about whether he can be delegated the Capitol riots.

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Live: Donald Trump Impeachment Trial In Senate|NBC News


  • The Congress is like the corrupt self serving ministers of old … trying to implicate the helpless royal.

    Who incite resist and obstruct? The Democrat Party.

    Who spread the hate.
    The mass media.

  • I’m just curious how brainwashed people are. Did you know they have tried three times to do this to President Trump? Do you realize he was actually helping the people verses the establishment? They want more wars, higher medical costs, and let China in charge. If you cannot see it, there is nothing anyone can do for you. Just look at what EOs Biden is putting out there.

  • Once again, moral responsibility will fall on the American voters.
    ….WE, the American People have a responsibility to protect our children, OUR Country. WE did it before and WE can do it again…
    WE need another blue tsunami, to get rid of Trump’s cancer that has infiltrated the Senate Republicans. The Trump Republicans.
    ….the Republicans of the past do not exist anymore.

  • I truly hate what happened at the Capitol. When it was taken over by an angry mob but at the same time now the Senate knows the fear that so many Americans have been feeling in all of these towns that have been burned, destroyed as well as woken up in the middle of the night by protester’s. Not for just 1 day but for months.

  • Once again, with the hatred heart they only need 3 days to impeach Trump mean while the stimulus packages the people desperate need still drag on and on and on…..

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