Watch: Day 1 of Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial In Senate | NBC News

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  • When does the impeachment begin for Maxine Waters and the countless governors and mayors who declined trumps call for the law and order with the national guard on portland …seattle…and kenosha??? Waiting… Crickets

  • What a load of crap! Democracy where is it Democrats???? To all races, the only thing that is going on is hate promotion amongst us ! Wake up people of the world , if there is no unity amongst us white ,black etc. The only few in the top benefit !!! Wake up they are creating hate!

  • Comp’d pedo**vors – cannibals – vampires…surrounded by US military – Question is will the high temple of the us corps be the Military cout house with extra judicial punishments carried out swiftly on the grounds? Will the extra judicial mutiplied thousands of hangings be televised? US Military puring into District of columbia the demon to tighten escape routes

  • P*EDO PROTECTON RACKET – SCARIFICING TO SATAN – NO SUCH AGENCY HAS IT ALL – GET THE POPCORN – zuka n imperial extraterrestrial bezos stepped down as they were confronted with the evidence……No way out no escape no deals – No worries, no fear –

  • Sets precedent as this is DOA in Senate but open the door to impeach traitor sedionsite fraudster HUssein Soetero Owebama aatending Occiedental College on a British Passport as a foreign national – You have no idea the magnitude of the trap STING OP that is underway by US Military who is in 100% control – Oval Office Scenes filmed at Castle Rock Studios, Warnr Bros, Hollywood , n the east coast studio in Maryland – Scam continues but patriots are in 100% control as 85% of congress will be arrested or already have been arrested – Ratcliffe report in the hands of the military showing foreign interference paid for by CHICOMMS through Vaticano – TREASON SEDITION – HANG IN PEACE – THERE IS A REASON THE HIGH TEMPLE OF THE CORPS IS SURROUNDED AND BARB WIRED – THE CRIMINALS ARE INSIDE FEMA IN CONTROL IN NATIONAL EMERGENCY – THE BEST IS YET TO COME

  • Why the defense of Trump is trying to make it a political issue. The claim of the prosecution is juristic and formal. And there is nothing to complain about. The trial of impeachment is constitutional no matter who feels how and no matter who is intending to achieve whatever … this long pathetic talking political thoughts about the constitutionally manifested way it is – this just bores me.

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